A deep evil awakened. An ancient power stolen. The fate of the world at stake.

When mutilated monsters enter the borders of his country, Crinte the Wise takes action. His rebel squad is powerless against the monsters, however, until a former friend arrives with a dark secret – a powerful relic which contains the magic of mind control. 

Defying the Rulers, Crinte organizes a group of warriors and sets out to discover the source of evil once and for all. The warriors face epic battles with sea monsters, deadly creatures and come face to face with immortals of the sky and land. But no threat is as great as each warrior’s ambition – and all could be lost in a dark gamble for power.


“Are there beings with the ability to shift forms?” he asked.
She reached out a hand to caress his serious face and laughed lightly. “Why would you ask me that?”
“Tell me, would I know if I saw one?”
“You are serious.” She stood, letting the moonlight filter through the waves of her waist-length hair. “Changers are old beings from the beginning of time, the last scraps of the creator’s spark which formed this World. You would be unlikely to meet one, for they are above us; too distinguished to flirt with the people groups, and too haughty to lower themselves to live with the immortals.” Her long fingers rested on the balcony, gripping it tightly as she continued. “If you ever met one it would be unexplainable. They have two forms which makes them indestructible. One is physical and another is spirit.”
“Would you know if you met a Changer?” he pressed. “Are they dangerous?”
She laughed again, her voice rippling gently through the air like the tinkling of silver bells on a crisp night. “Dangerous? There are no creatures in the World more powerful or dangerous.”
“What if I met a Changer? What should I do?”
She turned back to him, bending to take his face in her hands. Her intense gaze met his questioning eyes. “Run as fast as you can and never stop.”

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