The Five Warriors. A well-known tale for fans of The Four Worlds Series.

Five Warriors. Five motives. One impossible quest. What could go wrong?

Published in 2015, I loved the original cover of The Five Warriors, but I wanted to take it to the next level, especially with the rapid release schedule I have in mind for 2018.

Hence, I brainstormed with the Lori Follett, the brilliant owner of Hell Yes Design Studio.

The cover had to convey the fantasy genre and pull readers in. The Five Warriors includes many epic battles, but the most significant items are their enchanted weapons. The weapons are symbolistic throughout the rest of the series and is something I wanted to highlight. After all, who doesn’t love a cover with a sword on it?

Floating in the background is the Clyear of Power which looks similar to a Pegasus when it’s in it’s flesh form.

Without further ado I give you the cover for The Five Warriors.


If you already own The Five Warriors you can update your cover on Kindle by following the instructions here.

Otherwise, grab your copy and come along for an adventure!

The Five Warriors – ebook

The Five Warriors – paperback

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