The Five Warriors Book Release Party

The Five Warriors Book Release Party

September 9 was a huge milestone for me, combining The Five Warriors book release party with my 27th birthday!

Angela J. Ford + The Five Warriors Poster


It was a magical night, full of the things that make life meaningful, friends, family, food and fun.

Here are my 4 sisters whom the book is dedicated to:

Sisters at the Book Release Party

The night kicked off with light appetizers and champagne – I signed books while the guests enjoyed the atmosphere and took hundreds of pictures of everything!Signing books

We started out with quite a lot of books!

Table of Books


The “game” of the night was “Which one of The Five Warriors are you?” a quiz you can take right now. The majority of people got either Crinte the Wise or Marklus the Healer.

Take the quiz here and post which warrior you are in the comments below!

Around 8pm everyone sat down for a reading of the book, I read the chapter “Ambushed” which ends with the world exploding!

The Five Warriors Reading

Questions and answers were next which you can catch on some of my author interviews:

Next up we cut into the most amazing, chocolate book cake ever! Made by Hannah M. – you can check out her creative work here.

The Five Warriors Cake

Finally, as the guests left they were given a bag of bookmarks, green tea and a magic potion of invincibility power.

The Five Warriors Party Favors

At the end we had one book left.

The Five Warriors Book Launch

It was an incredible night and celebrating all the hard work was completely worth it. I’m already looking forward to the release of The Four Worlds Series Book 2 – coming fall of 2016.


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