Best Quotes from an Epic Fantasy Novel: Eliesmore and the Jeweled Sword

Best Quotes from an Epic Fantasy Novel: Eliesmore and the Jeweled Sword

You have beautiful words. You are such a pretty writer.

It’s something I’ve been told countless times. On a podcast. Comments on Instagram. Fan mail from my readers.

I adore pretty words and the way a story blends into prose and song. The first time I fell in love with beautiful writing was when reading Beauty by Robin McKinley. Later on I devoured the works of Patricia A. McKillip and Juliet Marillier. They are female epic fantasy authors who stood up, took a step away from the war and bloodshed and wrote beautiful, emotional books that captured my heart.

Because that’s what I read, I formed my writing around beautiful words. Where I write, it feels as if there’s a song in my head, tapping out the rhythm with a steady beat, which is why my books turn out the way they do.

The final book in my epic fantasy series releases March 27th. So here are some pretty words from Eliesmore and the Jeweled Sword.

“Marching above the clouds was a white army, their forms hidden in the mist, yet appearing as lightning flashed. The beings were covered in armor with helmets on their heads. Each carried a scythe upright in their left hand as they marched towards the castle of the Constel Heights.”

“The stars of old know the truth, if I am close enough to the heavens, they come down at night to whisper secrets to me. They see all that happens here in this world, you should know about the stars.”

“He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, opening his mouth he exhaled, sucking the life out of the air, drinking in the fire as if it were water. His body shivered in pleasure, and he rolled his shoulders back, drinking in the first taste of her power.”

“The words curved into his ear like the whisper of a lover, the notes sweet, high and intense. A shiver of delight ran through his body at the uncanny words as a throbbing arose in him. He put a hand to his heart, finding it hard to breathe as a heady fragrance rushed over him.”

“White lights surrounded them like the Iaens that lit the way for the travelers of the mountains in tales of old. They leaped and danced, uttering tiny shouts of joy as they celebrated their new life.”

“We don’t have mothers, none of us, because of the Black Steeds. They come to destroy; they take our families, our mothers and fathers, we have nothing left except for each other. We are a new family, one not of blood, but of friendship. We tell our stories one to another, and share our hearts, that’s what strengthens us. We hold on to hope that there will be great days ahead of us, better days, and those who lay down their lives did not do so in vain. We came to save the South World, and with salvation comes sacrifice.”

“We walk a path not tread by other. We go where the wild creatures roam, and safety is not certain. We have no quest, no powers on our side, but go since we must, go since we may, on and beyond.”

“The burdens of this world are too heavy to carry; sometimes death seems a worthy escape.”

“A black butterfly with red patterns on its wings drifted past him while the burnt red grass stood at attention. It was peaceful. Quiet. It seemed as if he’d peeked through a portal into a haunted kingdom with a luster of sleep upon it.”

“We seek peace. Not war. Life. Not death,” the words fells quietly from his lips as he walked. “War is all that stands between us and peace, but when peace comes, we must have the good faith to enjoy it instead of seeking bloodshed.”

“Snowflakes dusted the ground like shy water creatures, hesitant to come out in the open yet sending a greeting all the same.”

“I tried to stop them.” Her voice came out wooden. “There were so many of them. Like rivers that flow and one cannot tell where the source is… where do the endless waters come from? Where do the endless woísts come from? I tried. They come. Marching with drums. Why the drums drums drums? They have everything. We have nothing. We never should have tried. Why did we ever try? We should have followed the warning.” She lifted a hand, turning it back and forth as she stared at it as if she’d never seen it before. “Run,” she whispered. “Run. As fast as you can. Never stop.”

Read the entire series. Grab the books here.

What are some of your favorite quotes from epic fantasy books?

New Release | Eliesmore and the Green Stone

New Release | Eliesmore and the Green Stone

Run, run as fast as you can. Never stop…

Changers have arisen, wreaking havoc as they harvest the world, searching for the Green Stone. The South World sinks in despair, holding its breath, waiting for the One.

Eliesmore is a Blended One, growing up on the edge of the forest of the creatures of the wood. Young, headstrong, and inspired by magical rituals, he spends his time between his overprotective mother and sneaking out to dance with the wild things.
His courage is tested when Eliesmore discovers that he is the One who is meant to save the Four Worlds from the Changers. Unwilling to accept his fate, he turns his back on the prophecy and the futile quest to dissolve the Green Stone.

But Eliesmore will soon learn he cannot escape his destiny. Beset by creatures of the deep and hunted by servants of the Changers, Eliesmore finds his task will test the loyalty of his companions and help him answer the ultimate question:

Can he trust the immortals – or are they the reason the Changers have come to power?

Start reading now.


Enjoy an excerpt from Eliesmore and the Green Stone:

Elies-bookmarkmockupHe heard soft footfalls, and a Green lady emerged. She was six and a half feet tall, at least a foot taller than him, and wore a pale green dress that folded around her body like water with each step she took. Her waist-length hair fell in soft waves and had a gold—or was it a brown—tint to it. Her ears were the size of mortal ears instead of the exceptionally large and pointed ears most Green People had. She was as beautiful as carved crystal and stared at Eliesmore out of light blue eyes with a hint of something darker hidden in them.

Eliesmore did not know what to do. He stood up, thinking he should bow in the presence of a great Iaen, but his legs would not move again. He swallowed hard, his heart flip-flopping under her gaze. Feeling even more uncomfortable, he sputtered, “Who are you?”

“Eliesmore, you have come,” she welcomed him. Her eyes were eager, almost as if she were about to devour him.

“You know my name?” Eliesmore wrinkled his brow in surprise.

“Yes.” She offered no explanation. “I am Ellagine, three-fourths Green Person, one-fourth Tider.” At Eliesmore’s vague expression she added, “I’m the great-great granddaughter of Legone the Swift.”

“Oh.” Eliesmore suspected she wanted him to be impressed with her reference to a hero of old. However, the relationship was too far removed to be of much value. “I am Eliesmore, half Cron, half Tider. Why have you called me here?”

“It is time you know.” Ellagine motioned for him to sit as she knelt beside the stream that lay between them.

“Know what exactly?” Eliesmore sat down again. “I know about the White Steeds and Black Steeds. What more is there?”

“There is much for you to learn about who you are.” Ellagine gave him a kind smile, and her eyes were patient.

Eliesmore opened his mouth to argue with her. As beautiful and wild as she was, she seemed to know entirely too much about him. Hints of a smile touched her lips as she shook her head, and, given over to her beauty, he decided to listen.

“Eliesmore, I have much to tell you. I am not sure what tales your mother shared, although surely you are familiar with the legendary deeds of the Five Warriors?”

Eliesmore nodded, thinking he’d been quick to judge her. He should listen to her words; after all, she was a descendant of a hero of old. Legendary blood ran through her. “Of course, I could repeat those tales back to you of how they destroyed the Ruler and his transformed creatures.”

“Yes,” Ellagine’s voice dropped, and she leaned forward. “They thought they killed the Ruler. However, they only destroyed his physical form and wounded his spirit. The Ruler is a Changer, and he is still very much alive.”

Eliesmore recoiled as if someone had struck him. The word, Changer, had no meaning for him. All the same, he was hit with a cold fear. “What is a Changer?”

Start reading now.


Eliesmore - Teaser

Turmoils of a Writer – The Truth About Writing The Blended Ones

Turmoils of a Writer – The Truth About Writing The Blended Ones

I lost my love for writing. I remember sitting there, staring at a completed book. Horribly written mind you, although it was finished, in a matter of speaking. It had a beginning, an end, and some adventures squashed in the middle.

Writing has been the love of my life for a long time. Although sometimes I forget about it or treat it badly, I’ve always come back to writing. In 2015 I decided to participate in my very first NaNoWriMo. It was on the heels of the success of The Five Warriors, my first full-length novel. It had been well received, the reviews were honest and lovely, I was seeing consistent sales, and fans were wanting more.

I fished out the next book in the series, called A War, A Search, and Two Kingdoms. It depicted the events that took place in the Eastern World with a fun matchup of orphans. Using the power of NaNoWriMo I pounded out 50,000 words, re-writing the story to one of magical adventure those young and old could read and re-read.

Except the story wasn’t magical at all. It was disastrous. I found myself bored when writing it which is a dreadful sign. Going back to The Five Warriors, I’d pick it up and find myself lost in the magic, and I often wondered aloud: why can’t I write like this anymore?

Towards the end of NaNoWriMo, I found myself just wanting to finish A War, A Search, and Two Kingdoms. I started writing nondescript sentences like: They entered the forest. It was full of mystery. Sentences that needed to be embellished and loved to their full capacity. Yet something was broken inside me. I couldn’t write. I hated the book.

In the following months, I went on like everything was okay. I even made the book available for pre-order, believing the excitement from fans would encourage me to rise to greatness. It didn’t. In July of 2016, I found myself canceling the pre-order. I shut the book, allowing the depression of writer’s block to settle in. I was old. I wasn’t creative anymore. I couldn’t write like I could when I was young…that is…a teenager.

I let the woes of life drop in, focusing on travel, weddings, reading other books and growing my book marketing business. Every time I’d return to A War, A Search, and Two Kingdoms I found myself depressed, and eventually, I let that depression spiral into every aspect of my life. Everything went downhill…

Late in the fall of 2016, there was a voice. A phrase that chanted its way through my head. Over and over the lines repeated.

The forest will tell you the truth.
The trees will give you knowledge.
In exchange for one terrible price.
They will tell you all you wish to know.
The truth and why the world fades.
The end of the world is near.
There’s something you can do.
If only you can escape.
Beware. Be warned.
The price you pay is death.

I listened for a while until the creative life began to bleed back into me. I knew the words, the story I must tell, it wasn’t about a war, a search or two kingdoms. The story I needed to tell was The Blended Ones. I recall sitting down to write, the words dancing through my head, struggling to escape. It was December when I started the race, the race until the end. The words flowed without stopping and a new plot line emerged, one that would bring the story hurtling to its epic conclusion. I remember typing in a frenzy, chapter after chapter. Words rose before me like a storm, demanding to be released, frothing until they were told.

I was entranced, nothing happened but the writing, and I was trapped until I sat back and looked down. This was the story I was always meant to write.

The Blended Ones. Available on Amazon.

Turmoils of a Writer - The Truth About Writing The Blended Ones

Introducing The Five Warriors Book Candle

Introducing The Five Warriors Book Candle

WheretheWindBlowsCedar. Sweet Cardamom Blossoms. Patchouli. Pine.

What scents come to mind when you think of this blend?

Do you find yourself lost in a forest hoping to escape?

Or walking through a sunlight prairies, your fingers trailing through sweet blossoms while petals flicker through your open hand?

Maybe you taste the tang of pine in the wind, as you approach lofty boughs, gating the doorway to enticing mystery.

These scents are what you would smell if you were transporting into the Four Worlds Series, and the land The Five Warriors fought and traveled in.

Plus you can make these scents all your own with the new candle “Where the Wind Blows” inspired by “The Five Warriors.

Curious about how this came about? Read the interview by Nalana Mille of Book Scents Candles here:

Enjoy the scents of The Four Worlds by purchasing “Where the Wind Blows” here.

Where the Wind Blows Candle - Inspired by The Five Warriors

Who is Crinte?

Who is Crinte?

Crinte the WiseRemember in Peter Pan when they sing “We’re following the leader, the leader, the leader, we’re following the leader where he may go.” Well..that’s exactly why I want you to meet this next character.

Meet Crinte…

Crinte’s bloodline extends to an ancient line called the Order of the Wise. Well traveled, this sexy blond, muscular male knows exactly what he wants. But when an individual from his past appears, he realizing the next step will not be as easy as he’d hoped. Seeking advice from other wise ones of the world, and questioned by his companions, he takes it upon himself to lead his warriors into darkness.

Which warrior do you think he is?

  • best friend started a rebellion in the middle of a war
  • lover awakened a deep evil and helped it grow
  • people were too cowardly to face a battle
  • stole an ancient power source
  • gambled with the fate of the world

Click here to guess and earn an extra entry into the raffle! Oh and by the way, you can Tweet daily for extra entries. Good luck!

7 Days until The Five Warriors is available, have you pre-ordered your copy yet? Click here to do so!

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