Characters. They are an important part of a story and make a beautiful addition to any book cover. However, when I started writing The Four Worlds Series, I didn’t want to put my characters on the front cover for a couple of reasons.

One – I want you, the reader, to use your imagination when it comes to the characters and what they look like.

Two – There is an ambiguous, mysterious vibe to the Four Worlds and since all is not revealed, I like to keep things shadowy on the front cover.

As you can imagine, I was pleasantly surprised when a fellow author, Nichole Brewer, sketched out this amazing fan art for The Blended Ones. Nichole is the author of the upcoming epic fantasy series: Kingdom of Aranon. (She’s letting me read the first book and I’m hooked!). You can follow her and see more of her artwork here.

The Blended Ones Fan Art

Here’s what an outsider thought when he first saw the twins:

His assistant led him up out of the dungeons, and when he reached the top, he thought his fading vision showed him double. The two females had the same faces. They were the same, yet different, as they stood waiting. A blended people group, he was sure, but both had the same height and length in their bones. A regal aura surrounded the two females. One was lighter and fairer; her hair was braided in an intricate crown on the top of her head. A dress as light as sea foam fitted tightly at the top but flowed in ruffled ripples down to her feet like the cascading waves of Oceanic. Her eyes were large; they were set in a pale face of one who had seen too much fear. Something gnawed at her and ailed her, and as he gazed at her, he realized she did not know it yet, but she saw what he saw. The other female showed her age more clearly; her skin was darker from sun exposure, and a wild, stubborn aura surrounded her. Even then she did not stand still, hoping from one foot to the other, either annoyed or frustrated with waiting. Her eyes were hopeful instead of frightened, but they were both too young, not even past their eighteenth year he dared to guess. – Excerpt from The Blended Ones


Although the sisters are twins, twins, they are quite different. While Ilieus is prim and proper, Phyllis is more of a wild, unruly child. Discover their adventures by reading The Blended Ones. Grab a copy here.

Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. 

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