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Before the war between the mortals and immortals…There was Myran. This is her tale.

I am Lady Dare Valari and I am being hunted.

The beautiful Fae Princess, Aoife, follows her banished lover to the human realm and is forced to walk the earth in non-corporeal form unless she finds a host.

Devin will do anything to win, even resort to magic.

What’s worse than realizing you’re a werewolf?

In a land where magic is their only hope, can a man of faith triumph?

The archangel Michael acts as a bodyguard for Seer Jordan Amador and tries not to fall in love with her in the process.

A powerful seer. A fight to stay alive. A soulmate to protect.

Kylie Bransford, biological born a boy, but lives as a girl, falls for school crush, Miles.

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