Marklus is the first warrior we meet, rotting away in prison. We took advantage of the opportunity to catch up with him and discuss the power of life and death, why he ended up in prison and what really happened in Zikeland.

Angela: “Marklus, welcome. You’re a Healer but not a normal Healer. Tell us, when did you first discover you stood between life and death?”

Marklus: “I suppose it was in the back of my mind, after my first encounter with the Zikes. They didn’t kill me, and I pulled Crinte back from the edge of death but, I knew when I healed my mother…”

Angela: “Did she know what kind of power you had?”

Marklus: “Yes. She asked me not to. I don’t like to talk about this part, let’s move on.”

Angela: “After the Zikes took Zikeland, your family was forced to leave. Where did you go during those years before you joined the rebel army?”

Marklus: “I made sure my parents were comfortable and then roamed, a bit aimlessly. I was curious and displaced. My father had traveled more than I had, so I wanted the opportunity. I guess I was lost, looking for a reason, a cause to join.”

Angela: “Understandable, the message from Crinte must have come at a perfect time?”

Marklus: “Yes…”

Angela: “But then you cross the Sea by yourself. Why? What were you thinking?”

Marklus: “I didn’t realize it was as big as it was. I thought the transformed creatures were a nuisance but going alone one has a better chance. You don’t have to worry about being seen, or what stupidity your companions might keep up. It’s easier to sneak and spy…if you will.”

Angela: “Obviously, you’re a Cron, and you’re prone to take risks, whether wise or unwise. This time, though, it didn’t work out, and you were captured. Tell us about that experience.”

Marklus: “I was in the wood…I got lost…and the soldiers were everywhere. I could hear them but as soon as I’d take a step away from them, more appeared, and…well…I didn’t have my bow and arrows at the time so you can imagine what happened…”

Angela: “Yes, your bow with the arrows that can never miss. A handy gift.”

Marklus: “Exactly, I needed them then. I had no idea…I could not even imagine the horror that was taking place at the Great Water Hole. If I had seen one of the transformed, if only I had known things might have been different. In the end, it worked out, as Alaireia was sent to rescue me..us..”

Angela: “Yes, in the most curious way. Did you ever think you and Alaireia might be something?”

Marklus (looks uncomfortable): “We…I…was quite fond of her…Actually I thought she and Crinte had a bit more of a relationship…”

Angela: “Huh…I had not considered that. Well, we are coming to an end. One final questions. What do you think happened to your brother, Locklen?”

Marklus: “The wind. She’s alive.”

And that’s a wrap. Learn more about what happened to Marklus by reading The Five Warriors. Snag a copy here!

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