Civil War.
The words no one wants to hear.
But is it a civil war if there are no kingdoms?
What if the land has always been lawless with armies that rise up as they will.
Can you blame them for seeking power? For desiring conquest?
So begins the tale of the Eastern World in a land where no one rules and the people groups follow their own wishes, whether they be right or wrong.
However, there’s just one small problem.
The land is shrinking, disappearing, and soon only the islands will be left.

The Horse Lords

The Horse Lords take it upon themselves to discover the reason for the demise of the Eastern World, however, they soon learn the Purebloods are amassing an army hidden in the islands.

The Purebloods

The Purebloods have found a solution to the end of the world, a solution that will save lives and bring profit for the masterminds.

The Treasure Hunters

The Treasure Hunters only care about themselves. They are seeking power in an endless quest – power they will use for their own motives.

The Blended Ones

The Blended Ones are those with mixed bloodlines, a choice that was not in their hands, yet the people groups seek their end. Caught in the crosshairs they make a discovery that will change the fate of the Eastern World.

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