Epic Fantasy is a genre that continues to grow and change. While some books are dark with shady characters, others have noblebright characters who will do the right thing regardless.

What I love most about epic/high fantasy is the ability to be transported to a world that’s not quite like our own. Reading about the smell of the land, the way the inhabitants live and their customs is fascinating. Their struggles, conflicts, and personal growth the characters experience is encouraging and inspiring.

I firmly believe while fantasy is entertaining, we also learn nuggets of wisdom to take away into our own lives.

While there are authors who are the gold standard, or titans of the fantasy genre, I want to bring to your attention 10 up and coming fantasy authors (including myself), who are making a name for the fantasy genre.

Here are 10 series starters for you to gobble up. Beware, these books are addictive.

The Tree of Ages

A tree’s memory is long. Magic’s memory is longer…and far more dangerous.

Finn doesn’t know what—or who—uprooted her from her peaceful tree form, changing her into this clumsy, disconnected human body. All she knows is she is cold and alone until Àed, a kindly old conjurer, takes her in.

By the warmth of Àed’s hearth fire, vague memories from her distant past flash across her mind, sparking a restless desire to find out who she is and what powerful magic held her in thrall for over a century.

As Finn takes to the road, she and Àed gradually accumulate a ragtag band of traveling companions. Historians, scholars, thieves in disguise, and Iseult, a mercenary of few words whose silent stare seems to pierce through all of Finn’s defenses.

The dangers encountered unleash a wild magic Finn never knew she possessed, but dark forces are gathering, hunting for Finn and the memories locked away in her mind. Before it’s over, she will discover which poses the greater danger: The bounty on her head, or a memory that could cost her everything.

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The Rhenwars Saga

Braden and Quin Reis share a tragic past, but it’s now up to them to save the future. When a secret conspiracy resorts to harnessing the powers of the Netherworld to save their legacy, Braden and Quin are the only mages capable of stopping them. But these two would-be heroes are compromised, harboring terrible secrets.

Can Braden and Quin put aside their differences long enough to prevent the unsealing of the Well of Tears? Or will they relent and join the conspiracy?

Darkstorm is the prequel to the epic grimdark fantasy series The Rhenwars Saga. If you like morally gray antiheroes, page-turning action, and mind-boggling plot twists, then you’ll love Spencer’s award-winning series.

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The Rose of Nerine

A dark epic fantasy series, where one woman’s thirst for revenge will put the entire world in jeopardy.

The only thing twenty-one year old Adrastine wants is revenge against her depraved father—but when she tries to kill him, she is caught and thrown into a holy war for a god she doesn’t believe in. But disaster is coming, and all Adrastine’s problems will seem minor by comparison. Someone, or something, is draining the planet’s lifeblood, killing the land and everything on it at an alarming rate.

Jacob is a shelon, a man who can wield magic, and a spy dispatched by Queen Valtice to find The Rose of Nerine – the only one who can stop the rape of the land and save the people. But when Jacob finds Adrastine, he can’t convince her that she is The Rose, let alone to leave her home and journey with him across the tempestuous sea to Nerine.

Adrastine is drawn to Jacob, despite their differences. But that is a dangerous path, as he is an unwelcome distraction to her quest for revenge. And if she learns his secrets, it will cement her hatred of men forever, weakening powers she is only just learning she has, powers needed to save their world.

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Chaos and Retribution

Three children with the powers of Stone, Sea and Sky…
Are all that stands between the world and the chaotic power of the Abyss.

Fen is only a boy when his city is sacked by enemy invaders. His mother is cut down before his eyes. Yet somehow, when the blade is turned on him, he survives without a scratch. But the attack awakens a strange power inside him, the same power that killed his father years ago.

Aislin came from the sea, her origins a mystery. Within her is an innate power over water, as natural as breathing. But she lives in a world of her own, emotionally isolated from everyone else, including Netra, the woman who is raising her. Bullied by the other children, Netra fears that one day Aislin will turn her power on them.

Karliss was touched by the wind at birth, destined to be the greatest wind shaman his people have ever seen. But he is careless with his power and he ignores the warnings about the madness that afflicts those who don’t protect themselves against the spirits in the wind. When a ritual goes wrong and strikes down his mentor, Karliss suddenly has to deal with the true responsibilities of power.

The powerful, inhuman denizens of the Abyss are reaching out to take the world, and only these three children have a chance of stopping them, but only if they can learn to master not just their powers, but themselves…

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The Landkist Saga

In a world of darkness, only the Landkist can stand against the power of the Sages.

For hundreds of years, the flame-wielding Embers have been the last line of defense against the nightmare creatures from the World Apart, but the attacks are getting worse. Kole Reyna guards Last Lake from the terrors of the night, but he fears for his people’s future.

When Kole is wounded by a demon unlike any they have seen before, the Emberfolk believe it is a sign of an ancient enemy returned, a powerful Sage known as the Eastern Dark.

Kole has never trusted in prophecy, but with his people hanging on the precipice, he reluctantly agrees to lead the Valley’s greatest warriors in a last desperate bid for survival. Together, they will risk everything in search of a former ally long-thought dead, and whether Kole trusts him or not, he may be the only one capable of saving them.

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The Four Worlds

What if…

your best friend started a rebellion in the middle of a war?
your lover awakened a deep evil and helped it grow?
your people were too cowardly to face a battle?
you stole an ancient power source?
you gambled with the fate of the world?

Join five powerful warriors each with a unique ability and magical weapons. Their quest is to discover where the transformed creatures are coming from and put a stop to it.

Along the way they run into treacherous immortals, sea monsters, powerful beasts of the air and talking animals.

Each has their own reasoning for joining the quest, but one carries a deadly secret which just might be the destruction of them all.

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The Dragon Songs Saga

Only the lost magic of Dragon Songs can save the realm. Now, only a naïve girl with the perfect voice can rediscover it.

Blessed with a voice that could charm a dragon, Kaiya dreams of a time when music could summon typhoons and rout armies. Maybe then, the imperial court would see the awkward princess as more than a singing fool.

Just as the magic of Dragon Songs sparks inside her, the emperor’s elite spy clan uncovers a brewing insurrection. With the realm teetering on the brink of rebellion, the court hopes to appease the ringleader by offering Kaiya as a bride.

Instead, she’ll confront the depraved rebel lord with the budding power of her voice.

And take a dire risk.

Because singing a Dragon Song can kill you.

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The Days of Ash and Fury

A crumbling magical world. The darkest of wizards. A company of unlikely heroes. A quest for the ages.

Lucan had once believed the stories were little more than a way to ensure the behavior of children. If the boys and girls of Tahr were not good, adults warned, their mischief would call the evil up to the world of the living again. The worst boys and girls would serve as the first meals of the devils…

The mighty volcano Fang awakens. Smoke from unexplained and spontaneous fires foretell an unknown doom. As the very world begins to shudder and quake, the dark and powerful wizard Sartean D’Avers plots to enslave the people of Mor, depose its fool king, ascend the throne and secure unfettered control over the lands of Greater Tahr.

The lives of four young citizens of Tahr are uprooted as omens of impending perils emerge throughout their enchanted land. Lucan Thorne: a swashbuckling tavern hustler. Aria Evanti: a demure elven princess. Firstson J’arn Silverstone: stoic heir to the dwarven Sovereign. Shyla Greykin: an insatiably curious and delightfully irreverent gnome girl.

Drawn together by forces unseen, these four find their futures inextricably entangled as an epic quest takes shape in this breathtaking first installment of The Days of Ash and Fury.

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The Keeper Chronicles

Alaric was a Keeper; a good man, protecting the land with knowledge and magic.
Until his wife was poisoned and he betrayed everything and everyone to save her. Only to fail.
Now he’s found one last chance at a cure.
Hidden in an ancient, powerful stone.
Buried and lost.
To find the gem he’ll need the help of
the crotchety dwarf with the treasure map,
the bumbling wizard who wants the stone for himself,
and the enigmatic elf who wants — well, no one knows what Ayda wants.

But Alaric’s unlikely band isn’t the only one looking for the stone.

An old evil stirs, reaching for the power it holds, standing between Alaric and the cure.

Facing this enemy would be nearly impossible for a Keeper.

What chance does a broken former Keeper stand?

Can Alaric put the failures and pain of his past behind him to face the approaching threat?

Or, in the face of all the growing shadows, will it be the darkness within himself that destroys everything?

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Song of the Worlds

On the world of Loam, a young farm woman named Winter is chosen to assassinate a powerful being beyond her land. As one of the god-gifted, she sees chilling visions of the future. How she chooses to act on the visions will determine her fate, the success of her mission, and if those she loves most live or die.

On the world of Hearth, Meluscia’s intensive study of history has turned her against her father’s bitter war in the north. The true threat, she believes, lies to the east, where a growing evil has begun to devour entire villages. But before she can shift her kingdom’s forces, she must accomplish two things—convince her dying father to give her the throne… and confront a secret vice tormenting her soul.

Though worlds apart, Meluscia and Winter’s destinies are bound together by portals and ancient prophecy that promise to pull friend and foe together in catastrophic collision.

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