5 Warriors. 5 Motives. 1 impossible quest. What could go wrong?

The Western World had been at peace, until sea monsters, treacherous immortals and sky-borne beasts and other creatures invade the southern lands. Five warriors, take up arms, including a forbidden ancient power to restore peace. But dark secrets put everything at risk and all could be lost in a dark gamble for power.


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Fan Favorites

Cover Redesign | The Five Warriors

The Five Warriors. A well-known tale for fans of The Four Worlds Series. Five Warriors. Five motives. One impossible quest. What could go wrong? Published in 2015, I loved the original cover of The Five Warriors, but I wanted to take it to the next level, especially...

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10 Epic Fantasy Books to Binge Read

Epic Fantasy is a genre that continues to grow and change. While some books are dark with shady characters, others have noblebright characters who will do the right thing regardless. What I love most about epic/high fantasy is the ability to be transported to a world...

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New Release | Myran: A Tale of The Four Worlds

2008. It was a lonely summer. I spent time sitting in the ghost town of a college campus, working two jobs and waiting for my friends to return from summer vacation. Evenings I sat at my desk, avoiding the beach pictures on Facebook and writing. At first, the story...

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