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A deep evil awakened.

An ancient power stolen.

The fate of the world at stake.

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The Four Worlds Series is a collection of epic fantasy novels with enchanted weapons, magical powers, epic battles, deadly armies and a hint of romance. Grab your copy today and dive into an action-packed adventure.fourworldsboxed

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About Angela J. Ford

The Four Worlds Series was born out of a hyperactive imagination and a love of possibilities. I began to write the original books at the age of 12 and finished the series by the time I was 16. My goal was to lay the foundation for a new world with its own set of heroes, magical weapons, treacherous creatures, and fantastical lands. While the series is comprised of 4 core books, there are many adventures that take place within The Four Worlds Series. I hope you’ll enjoy whichever adventure you choose and come to understand the deeper, philosophical messages hidden in the pages of these books.

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Save me from the Monsters | Citrine’s Monsters: Chapter Four

Citrine’s Monsters: Chapter Four | Save me from the Monsters Save me from the monsters. Please. Save me from the monsters. Twilight brought me to a clearing in the wood and I drew up short, recognizing my mistake. I froze, hoping no one noticed as I put one foot...

They Might Be Dead | Citrine’s Monsters: Chapter Three

Citrine’s Monsters: Chapter Three | They Might Be Dead “Kill her!” “Burn her!” “Capture her!” Hateful cries buzzed around my head like vultures over a kill. My lungs ached as I gasped for breath and my feet tore over the mixture of dark brown soil and yellow-green...

Betrayal | Citrine’s Monsters: Chapter Two

Citrine's Monsters: Chapter Two | Betrayal A smell woke me and I bolted upright, involuntarily reaching out a hand to pat the other side of the double bed. Hansel. It was empty. A stiff anger rose within my body as I realized Hansel had not returned after our fight...

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Prequel to the epic fantasy series: Legend of the Nameless One

A lover's betrayal. 

A flight through an evil forest. 

A deadly promise. 

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